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It began in 2017 with a chance encounter that showed we could change how to make coffee for the greater good. From this providential sign, the award-winning Ultra Green Coffee came to life. Established by CEO Duncan Yu and co-founder Jason Soong, the company set up its headquarters at the center of Metro Manila in the Grand Emerald Tower in Pasig City. From our hub, we invented our flagship product: the first “green coffee” in the Philippines. We developed consistent production values that ensure our blend is ethically sourced from around the world. Made from the highest quality natural ingredients, the product demonstrated immediate effectiveness to comers. This led to immediate surges in the first year. Registered with the regulatory FDA, all our products are Halal certified, SGS tested, Gluten Free, and Non-GMO, advocating the best choices for both consumers and the environment. Now past its 5th year, Ultra Green Coffee has become the pioneer in green coffee in the Philippines and is growing as a world-class product. Exhibiting highly effective weight loss and overall health benefits, the packets continue to spread through the work of a close-knit team of independent resellers. In everything we do at Ultra Green Company., we aim to inspire, grow, and help others live healthier, wealthier, and easier, one Ultra Green Coffee at a time.

about us

What is "green" coffee? While both green and black coffee beans stem from the same plant, green coffee beans are proven to be exponentially more beneficial for both physical and mental health. Made from the finest unroasted arabica beans, Ultra Green Coffee uses this core ingredient to create an effective blend for weight loss, glowing skin, and increased immunity. Packed with flavor, the velvety morning drink packs an Ultra-Healthy kick that is sure to help you reach your goals of optimal living.


The science behind green coffee begins with Chlorogenic Acid. The natural chemical is found in coffee beans and is destroyed during the black coffee roasting process – unroasted green coffee beans preserve it. This antioxidant is responsible for lowering blood sugar and aiding total body fat loss. Research evidence also shows it delays premature aging.


Certified by the SGS (Société Générale de Surveillance), the world’s leading testing company, our coffee was found to be almost decaffeinated with a 0.13% caffeine content. Ultra Green Coffee substitutes caffeine with a vitamin-packed selection that guarantees increased energy and sharpened focus. Natural herbs include Moringa Oleifera, Mangosteen, Graviola, Bitter Melon, Bignay, and Banaba. Combined with high-quality beans, the anticancer, anticonvulsant, anti-arthritic, and anti-obesity drink promotes muscle restoration, liver protection, skin improvement, high-speed metabolism, reduced blood pressure, and cholesterol-lowering effects, among numerous other health benefits in the pioneering Ultra Green Coffee® Classic Blend. The CollagenPlus variant adds to these rejuvenating herbs with Glutathione, Açai Berry, Aloe Vera, and Vitamin C for radiant and fresh-faced skin. While each variant is undoubtedly delicious, you can keep drinking your vegetables with the premium Jamocha mix which adds just a little bit of sweetness with a Cacao twist. You can find other varieties of Ultra Green Coffee through our independent resellers, as well as nutritious kombucha and juice drinks. Using traditional medicine in our modern world, we work with nature so that your revitalizing transformation will unfold before your eyes. Believing everyone deserves the best standards of health, we at Ultra Green Company stand by our advocacy, that "Green is the new black coffee".




Established in April 6, 2017, Ultra Green Conglomerate Corp. was co-founded by Duncan Yu and Jason Soong. The company headquarters can be found at 207 Grand Emerald Tower, F. Ortigas Jr. Avenue, Ortigas Center, Pasig City, Metro Manila.


With a mission to provide an alternative coffee option in every household, the company came up with its flagship product Ultra Green Coffee. The product's claim to fame was its use of green coffee which became popular for weight loss after it was mentioned on the Dr. Oz show in 2012. The Dr. Oz show referred to it as "The green coffee bean that burns fat fast" and claims that no exercise or diet is needed. 


Almost a decaffeinated drink because of its 0.13% caffeine content as per SGS tests. Made from carefully obtained ingredients from local and international sources. Each bag contains the finest unroasted Arabica beans and six herbs (moringa oliefera, mangosteen, graviola, bitter melon, bignay, and banaba) that give an ultra-healthy kick to this morning beverage. The beans and herbs come together in a restorative drink that assists in weight loss, helps prevent premature aging with its Collagenplus variant.


Though Ultra Green Conglomerate Corp. is still comparatively new in the industry, it has the distinct honor of winning awards from esteemed institutions. In 2017 alone, it has received the following accolades:

• Top Choice Consumers Award (Outstanding Organic Health Coffee)

• World Class Quality Awardee

• Gold Seal of Quality Award

• Golden Globe Annual Awards for Business Excellence (Best Natural Coffee Producer)

• 2017 Asian Achiever Award Outstanding Entrepreneur (Duncan Yu)


Registered with FDA CPR, Ultra Green Conglomerate Corp.’s products are all halal certified, SGS tested, Gluten Free, and Non-GMO. The corporation seeks to promote high-quality products and grow its business hand in hand with independent resellers, advocating everyone to lead healthier, wealthier, and easier lives.


Our vision is to improve the lives of our customers with one of the best-tasting and healthiest all-natural beverages on the market and most recently, skin care. We strive to grow our business with a synergetic team of independent resellers, as we make Ultra Green Coffee a staple product in every home worldwide.


Duncan Yu 

Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Marketing Director, and Co-Founder at Ultra Green Company.


For over 20 years, Duncan Yu has been a trailblazer in the product development of consumer goods and an established figure in multilevel marketing. Since graduating with a BFA Major in Advertising Arts from the University of Santo Tomas, Yu dove into the firsthand experience of sourcing, conceptualizing, designing, and supplying shoes and bags to clients such as Lee, Ensemble, Freeway, JAG, Penshoppe, and Rustan’s. After a decade of immersive work, he expanded his business portfolio through trade, exchange, and investments. He later brought in the luxury eyewear brand Retrosuperfuture® from Italy. At present, he is the owner of the newly opened Halo-Halo Story in SM Center Pasig and an upcoming Food Court concept called Halo Halo Store in SM Southmall as well as a partner in popular nightspot NoKal MNL. Amidst astronomical success, he is also an art collector and sartorialist. Duncan releases through his outlets by keeping an impeccable style and building an incredible Contemporary Fine Art collection. He is now considered one of the most reliable network marketing figures in the country. The CEO upholds a personal vision to give back by inspiring, supporting, and returning the opportunities he has been given.

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