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Is UGC green in color?

No, because what you are referring to is Matcha Tea.


Does UGC have caffeine?

Yes, A decaffeinated coffee has 3% caffeine content level to be considered as a decaf. While UGC was tested via SGS to only have 0.13% caffeine.


Is UGC laxative?

Nope, It helps ease constipation but does not have the side effects of laxatives.

Is UGC recommended for pregnant or lactating mothers?

Though our products are very beneficial to one's health and to lactating moms because of its Moringa content. It is always best to consult your doctor first.


How to enjoy Ultra Green Coffee?

30 minutes before your meal 1-2x a daily.


How fast will I see results?

Results may vary because of eating habits and body type and chemistry varies.


UGC Origin?

It is made from imported and homegrown ingredients. All herbs are locally sourced.


How many percent is the Green Coffee in UGC?

More than 70% Green Coffee

How do I place an order?

​To place an order you can go to our official Facebook Page and message us. Or you can do it the old fashion way of contacting us through our landline (632.86380199) or mobile (0977.7770017)

Payment and Shipping

For payment, you can make your deposit to our BPI Account 3933-0790-65 or BDO Account 00-2860-3198-63. As for shipping, it will be the total purchase amount plus shipping fee of 50 pesos around Metro Manila and may vary for Provincial areas.

Returns & Refunds
Products can be returned or exchanged within 7 days from date of purchase.  As for all UGC Starter Packages, the Membership Card should be unused, unencoded and still in its unused state.
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